The XM-148 Grenade Launcher

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The XM-148 is a 40mm grenade launcher. The weapon was a replacement for the XM-79. It was initially built for use with the M16 rifle. However, the weapon was deemed unsuitable for field use in May 1967.

Although the XM-148 grenade launcher has been largely obsolete, it is still used in the US and around the world. Some security police units have kept the weapon in their armories in the 1990s. In fact, it is still a very common grenade launcher, but it has undergone some upgrades. Unlike the original XM-148, the newer version of the grenade launcher uses a bullpup design. It also features a polymer 8-round magazine and a lightweight shell.

Designed to fire either HEAB or thermobaric rounds, the XM-148 has a barrel that is six inches long. The grenade launcher is equipped with a quadrant sight and a pistol grip. As a result, it has a very complex firing mechanism. Despite the launcher"s complexity, the grenade launched from it can be quite powerful.

While the XM-148 was considered to be unsuitable for field use in the late 1960s, the US Air Force kept the weapon for several years. By 1989, the weapon was still being used by the USAF Security Forces.

A few of the US military"s security forces, including the United States Special Forces, still used the XM-148 in the late 1990s. The XM-148 is no longer in service, but it was a popular grenade launcher during the 1970s.

The XM-148 was designed for use with the M16 rifle, but it was too heavy and unstable for use on the ground. As a result, the US Military eventually switched to the M203, which is a much more stable and lightweight weapon. Both the M203 and the XM-148 use the same fuzes, meaning that a single round can explode both devices. There are differences, however, in the XM-148"s trigger mount.

For more information on the XM-148, check out the video below. You can also read a blog post about it by Armourer"s Bench.

In addition to the XM-148, the SEALs have developed a similar grenade launcher. It is a triple-barreled grenade launcher that is carried under the M-16. Designed to carry Thermobaric or HEAB rounds, it is intended to explode above the target, rather than directly below it. This makes the weapon more effective and safer to carry.

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