My Account Login - Manage Your SiriusXM Subscription

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If you"re a SiriusXM subscriber, you"re probably wondering how you can access your account. You can use the My Account login portal to manage your subscription. There are many options for subscribing to SiriusXM, including monthly, quarterly, or even annual plans. As a SiriusXM subscriber, your service includes over 150 channels, including sports, entertainment, and more. It also includes ad-free music and talk. The app lets you listen to your favorite channels on your computer or mobile device.

SiriusXM offers packages for satellite and internet service. Subscribers can save money by taking advantage of promotional offers. They may also offer a prorated refund for unused subscriptions. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but you should only do so if you no longer need them.

SiriusXM also offers a Guardian program that can alert you when airbags deploy, help you connect with emergency services, and direct them to your location. These features can be especially helpful if you"re traveling. With a SiriusXM-equipped vehicle, you can enjoy a six-month trial subscription to the Platinum Plan, which includes Howard Stern and more. This plan also includes ad-free music, Pandora stations, and sports play-by-play.

For more information on the Platinum Plan and other SiriusXM packages, visit the SiriusXM website. You can also call or text the Listener Care line for help with issues. Dedicated representatives are available to assist you. Each customer is matched with a representative who knows your account inside and out. Having an expert on your side gives you peace of mind.